A new way to live

Kotikatu365 (“home street 365”) means new kind of central urban living, well-being and everyday luxury. Kotikatu365 consists of home, common spaces with activities, equipment and vehicles available for sharing and domestic services to make everyday life easier – all this just a couple of clicks away, through a digital service portal.

This new way of living has been developed by Kotikatu 365 Oy.

Kotikatu365 combines the elements of good life

Modern homes

The Kotikatu365 residential areas have cosy, modern homes for the different life stages. The high-quality spaces can be flexibly adjusted to guarantee a comfortable living environment near useful services at a reasonable cost.

Common spaces for residents

The residents have access to large and very pleasant common spaces, such as a gym, sauna facilities, a common living room and a lobby, IT workstations as well as a playroom for the kids and games for the youth. The guest room and the meeting and function rooms can also be booked for the residents’ private use.

Equipment and vehicles for shared use

Some things that are needed in life but perhaps only on occasion are not worth owning personally – and Kotikatu365 addresses this to the residents’ advantage. E.g. the shared car as well as vehicles and tools help to save costs and the environment.

Services promoting well-being

The Kotikatu365 services have been planned to facilitate the residents’ everyday lives and to leave them time to do the things that feel meaningful and give them pleasure. The most popular services for apartment building residents are home cleaning, health care and handyman services as well as delivery of food.

Service operator ensures that everything works

Kotikatu365 acts also as the service operator in the residential area – overseeing the development of its services with a long-term approach. The operator ensures that the common spaces and the shared equipment are maintained in working order and selects service partners to provide domestic services for the residents.

The lobby service offered by the operator helps the residents in everyday matters and supports them in organising joint activities, always with the idea that the residents can freely choose whether or not to participate. The service coordinator can be reached via the Kotikatu365 service portal and also in person on location.

Kotikatu 365 Oy

Kotikatu365 is a new kind of actor in the housing market. The company takes care of project development and project management in the construction of residential areas based on its Kotikatu365 concept. Once an area is completed, the company oversees its development as service operator.

Kotikatu 365 Oy is part of the COR Group, a Finnish corporate group engaged in the health and well-being business. The Kotikatu365 concept makes use of the group’s strong expertise in the well-being and digital sectors in the provision of living solutions, residential development and operation of services. COR Group’s consolidated net sales increased to some EUR 300 million in 2020 and the group employs more than 3,000 professionals around Finland. www.corgroup.fi

Interested in a new kind of home or investment apartment?

When you buy a Kotikatu365 apartment, you get more than a new home with the same money.  The reasonable per-square-metre prices of the apartments, the common spaces and the equipment and vehicles available for the residents for a nominal monthly fee can mean annual savings of over 10,000 euros.

Moreover, Kotikatu365 is a new kind of alternative also for housing investors, offering attractive prospects in terms of rental yield, low turnover and value increase.

Kotikatu365 Lipporanta, Oulu

The first Kotikatu365 residential area, Lipporanta, is being built near downtown Oulu, in beautiful surroundings of the Oulujoki river delta. Already some 300 residents are enjoying their new homes and the unique common spaces that were built in the first construction phase. The construction continues in the area which is planned to consist of 10 apartment houses in total.

In addition to Lipporanta, there are several other Kotikatu365 residential areas under planning in Finnish major cities.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about Kotikatu365 residential areas and apartments in sale.

Contact details/Kotikatu 365 Oy:

Sales manager Jouni Puurunen
+358 44 761 6620