Lipporanta, Oulu

Kotikatu365 Lipporanta is being built near downtown Oulu, in beautiful surroundings of the Oulujoki river delta. Lipporanta is Finland’s first Kotikatu365 residential area, where the first residents are already enjoying their new homes and the unique common spaces.

  • 550 apartments
  • Additional 500 m2 of common spaces available for the residents
  • Touhula exercise daycare centre
  • Supported housing services with 24 residencies
  • Commercial premises

Hotkunranta, Kuusamo

A Kotikatu365 urban block of residential buildings and service premises is being built on the plot of land formerly occupied by Hotel Kuusamo on the shoreline of beautiful Lake Torankijärvi in central Kuusamo. The first apartment building is estimated for completion by spring 2020.

  • 150-200 apartments, common spaces for the residents
  • Touhula exercise daycare centre
  • Supported housing services

Hatsala, Kuopio

Zoning is underway for a Kotikatu365 residential area in Hatsala, a short walk away from downtown Kuopio. The concept promotes an active lifestyle and well-being, coherently with the themes of health and physical exercise of the nearby Kuntolaakso area.

  • About 700 modern homes
  • 500 m2 of common spaces for the residents
  • Touhula exercise daycare centre
  • Supported housing services


Koivukylä, Vantaa

A Kotikatu365 residential area is being planned for the Koivukylä district in Vantaa, at a location with good access by car or public transports.

Planning is underway for extensive development of the district in co-operation with the City of Vantaa and other actors.

  • About 600 apartments, common spaces for the residents
  • Situated near the local railway station
  • Touhula exercise daycare centre
  • Supported housing services

Kotikatu365 - always implemented in high quality and tailored to each location

The concept is scalable based on location-specific requirements

All Kotikatu365 residential areas have the aim of creating a setting where the residents can lead an active life, enjoy well-being and spend pleasant time with their neighbours.
The extent of concept implementation may vary from one location to another. For each of the residential areas, a total solution is created to meet the needs of the local residents and developed together with them.

Kotikatu365 service operator is in charge of concept implementation

Once a residential area has been completed, Health City Finland acts as the service operator based on an agreement made with the respective housing companies.
The service operator implements the concept and develops it further in co-operation with the residents and service partners.

High-quality partners provide services to the area

At each Kotikatu365 residential area, the service operator selects high-quality service partners based on bidding competitions.

The service partners provide services in the area based on the residents’ needs to make their everyday lives easier and support their well-being. The service selection includes home cleaning, handyman, child-care and personal trainer services and food and grocery deliveries.

Smart technologies for added convenience

The residents have access to the digital Kotikatu365 service portal where they can easily order domestic services as well as book common spaces – or equipment and vehicles – for their private use.
The portal also serves as a tool for area-related communication, to create events for the community or simply to agree to spend some pleasant time together with others.