Kotikatu365 combines living and services

The Kotikatu365 concept combines living and services into a new way of urban living: the residents no longer buy or rent just the walls; instead, they get effortless everyday life and good living.

The total concept of living and services has been designed to meet the needs of modern urban people, now and in the future.

The Kotikatu365 concept has been developed on the basis of Finnish living surveys and international experiences. It combines elements that enable the residents to lead an active life, enjoy well-being and spend pleasant time together with their neighbours.

The concept is always scalable based on location-specific requirements, and it is developed together with the residents in the area.

Kotikatu365 brings together elements of good life

Modern homes

The Kotikatu365 residential areas have comfortable homes for the different life stages. The high-quality spaces can be flexibly adjusted to guarantee a pleasant living environment near useful services at a reasonable cost.

Common spaces for residents

A lot of effort goes into making the Kotikatu365 common spaces as pleasant and purposeful as possible, both through provision of opportunities for different activities and interior decoration.
The concept features a gym for the residents, sauna facilities, a common living room, IT workstations, a playroom for the kids and games for the youth, among other things. The very pleasant guest room and the meeting and function rooms can also be booked for the residents' private use.

Equipment and vehicles for shared use

Some things that are needed in life but perhaps only on occasion are not worth owning personally – and Kotikatu365 addresses this to the residents’ advantage. For example, the Kotikatu365 shared car and the shared bicycles and tools help to save costs and the environment.

Services making everyday life easier and supporting well-being

The Kotikatu365 services have been planned to facilitate the residents’ everyday lives. The most popular services for apartment building residents are home cleaning, health care and handyman services and delivery of food and groceries.
The service offering is tailored with attention to the residents’ different life situations and life stages.

Digital service portal

The Kotikatu365 service portal is an easy-to-use tool that brings the residents and services together. The service portal can be used for ordering services to the home, booking common spaces for the residents' private use, creating events for the community or simply agreeing to spend some pleasant time together with others.

Commercial premises and the services available in them

Commercial premises will be built in the Kotikatu365 residential areas so that our service partners can offer services to the residents in different life stages right where they live. For families with children, the area has an exercise daycare centre. For aged people, there are domestic services available for the home as well as supported housing services with 24-hour assistance.

Good value for money

  • With the common spaces available, the residents can opt for somewhat smaller apartments
  • In the common spaces, the residents have access to high-quality services such as the day’s papers, WiFi, gym and other activities for just a nominal fee
  • On a need basis, the residents also have access to such shared equipment and vehicles that might not be feasible to buy for personal use
  • Services making everyday life easier and supporting well-being are available in the residential area, helping the residents to save their travel time and money



Well-being is a core value for the concept.

An active life in a living environment that supports well-being improves the residents’ quality of life and ability to work.


Generations spending time together

Loneliness is one of the major problems of our time, and the Kotikatu365 concept does its part to address it.

The aim is to establish a pleasant living community for three generations where no-one needs to be alone unwillingly.



The Kotikatu365 concept and the residential areas implemented based on it are developed with a long-term approach, also by paying attention to the residents’ wishes.

The concept provides sustainable living services, of which the common spaces are a good example. In a residential community, using common spaces and sharing equipment and vehicles is a responsible and sustainable solution.