Kotikatu365 – a new way to live

Kotikatu365 (“home street 365”) means new kind of central urban living, well-being and everyday luxury. It consists of the home, common spaces with activities for the residents, equipment and vehicles available for sharing and services to make everyday life easier – all this just a couple of clicks away.
Kotikatu365 creates a modern setting for active and comfortable urban living and joint activities for everyone to participate in as much as they like.

Locations around Finland

Lipporanta, Oulu

Kotikatu365 Lipporanta is being built near downtown Oulu, in beautiful surroundings of the Oulujoki river delta. The first phase features the construction of four apartment buildings in the heart of the area; three of them are already in use. The "four-pronged crown" formed by the buildings will reach completion in spring 2019.

Hotkunranta, Kuusamo

In central Kuusamo, a Kotikatu365 residential area consisting of both existing buildings and new apartment buildings has been zoned for the plot of land formerly occupied by Hotel Kuusamo on the shoreline of Lake Torankijärvi. The first apartment building is estimated for completion by spring 2020.

Hatsala, Kuopio

A Kotikatu365 area supporting well-being has been planned for the Hatsala district, as part of a more extensive City of Kuopio vision featuring residential, service and recreational areas. The project is in the zoning phase.

Koivukylä, Vantaa

An architectural proposal based on the Kotikatu365 concept won the design competition for the centre of the Koivukylä district in Vantaa in 2017. Visioning and zoning work for the district has been started together with the City of Vantaa and other actors.



Kotikatu365 has been developed to create a setting for good living in an urban community. The idea is to promote the residents’ well-being and help them lead active and meaningful lives.

The services brought to their doorstep make everyday life easier and leave them time to do the things that feel meaningful and give them pleasure. The locations of the residential areas have been chosen to provide good opportunities for physical exercise and natural recreation in the neighbourhood.


Communality on a voluntary basis

The Kotikatu365 residential areas are planned and designed with the idea of creating settings where the residents can enjoy the comfort of their own home as well as spend meaningful time with others and do things together.

There are different activities available for all, whether young or old, and everyone can take part in them as they please. The residents are also welcomed to propose and implement activities that they like.


Service operator

The Kotikatu365 service operator oversees the development of the entire residential area and its services with a long-term approach.
The operator ensures that the common spaces and the equipment and vehicles intended for shared use are maintained in working order and selects service partners to provide domestic services for the residents.

Lobby service

The Kotikatu365 area lobby service helps the residents in everyday matters and organises joint activities, always with the idea that the residents can freely choose whether or not to participate.
The service coordinator can be reached via the Kotikatu365 service portal and also in person on location at given times.

Digital service portal

The residental area’s designated Kotikatu365 service portal is an easy-to-use tool, with which the residents can order services they need in everyday life as well as book certain common spaces – or equipment and vehicles – for their private use.
It is also a tool for area-related communication, to create events for the community or simply to agree to spend some pleasant time together with others.